Small Batch Herbal Skincare

Handmade and intentionally crafted using natural ingredients.


Herbal Infused Body Oil


Everything Salve


I used the body oil after multiple days in the intense Florida sun. It was luxurious, absorbable, and nourishing on my dried out skin. I applied the product right out of the shower and before bed, and when I woke up my skin was incredibly soft and moisturized. The oil leaves a healthy glow to the skin without feeling greasy. I am looking forward to using this product as we approach summer months!

The body oil makes my skin so smooth, it has also really helped with my Keratosis Polaris on my arms. The salve is also amazing! I've used it for sunburn, dermatitises, chapped lips, or just general dryness. I also like using on my scalp for when it’s dry. Overall, I love Yellow Bird products!