Experience the gentle, transformative power of herbal skincare. Yellow Bird Herbs is dedicated to providing natural, effective solutions that harness the power of plants to heal.  As a business, we strive to source high-quality, organic ingredients and use only what we need, being mindful of our materials, waste, and environmental impact. Our practice pays homage to plant medicine and the natural remedies shared traditionally across cultures and communities worldwide.


Our small-batch production preserves the integrity of each ingredient, making our products as kind to your skin as they are to the planet. When it comes to sourcing ingredients, we believe in supporting small farmers and businesses. With each purchase, we look for high quality ingredients, organic and regenerative practices, and supporting local when possible. To make the medicine, we use the solar infusion approach to extract the medicinal properties of each herb. The combined herbs and oils sit on a sunny windowsill for around one month, then are strained and bottled. Each product is made by hand here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.


The seed of curiosity for natural skincare was planted while working at the Zero Market, a local refill shop and apothecary in Denver, CO. There, I learned the tricks of the trade, practiced crafting batches of herbal teas and oil blends, and embraced the values of simple living, upcycling, and the importance of using non-toxic ingredients in our homes and on our bodies. Inspired to learn more the plant world, I studied at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Lafayette, CO, delving into Materia Medica alongside passionate peers. Over the years, I've experimented making herbal-based goods for family and friends, and now I am proud to share them with you. Each product is designed to help you connect with and nourish your body using all-natural, simple ingredients.